Stadtquartier 4.0 project - Construction of the Bentobox

As part of the Stadtquartier (urban multi-use city district) 4.0 research project, the developed BentoBox (Weblink) is tested in a field trial at the central Holzmarkt project site in Berlin Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg.

The BentoBox is designed as an open and cross-application system that easily integrates into the cityscape which, generally speaking, can be used by several service providers simultaneously. Scarce areas in public spaces can be used very efficiently. Especially for service providers without their own infrastructures, this system can be used as a transfer system, to replace conventional delivery trips with cargo bike rides, for instance.

Thanks to its modular and flexible design, the improved BentoBox offers the opportunity of adapting the number of lockers to the client’s demand at any time. The system has low site requirements and, thanks to its design, can be assembled and disassembled very quickly.

For more information about the Bentobox, please visit our project website:

Bild: © Fraunhofer IPK – Verkehrstechnik